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Used Synthetic Turf

The number of Synthetic turf fields needing to be replaced each year is reaching 1,000. This means approximately 100 million square feet of turf and nearly half a billion pounds of rubber infill is destined for the landfills every year. This is an overwhelming amount of waste. Rocky Mountain Turf and Landscaping is doing it's part to help minimize this staggering amount of waste by removing and repurposing.


With our specially crafted machines, we are able to remove the synthetic grass from athletic fields and reuse it in multiple different ways. First, the turf is removed in large rolls 12-15 feet wide. Heavily worn or damaged areas are removed to be further broken down and recycled for other purposes. The remaining quality turf can be reused for other sports fields, batting cages, putting greens, dog runs, water saving landscaping, and much more! As for the rubber and sand infill, they are separated out and recycled.

Rocky Mountain Turf and Landscaping is proud to play a roll in helping to preserve and enhance our beautiful Rocky Mountain playground 

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